May 20, 2016

Role of Blog Template in Search Engine Optimization

A blog template plays an extremely important role in making a blog search engine friendly. No matter how well you write your articles, how accurately you label headings, how beautifully you take care of rest of factors important for SEO, if your blog template or website coding is badly crafted, you won't be able to get expected results.

Template Factors that Influence SEO

Behind every beautiful page, there is a well written coding including CSS, HTML, Javascript etc. A page layout normally consists of a 'header' and a 'body'. Header consists of a particular tags including meta tags that are important for search engine optimization. Same way, there are structures that are defined within body section of a template that are extremely important for search engine optimization. Hence, a blog theme's coding side carries an immense importance for search engine optimization.

A template must follow some specific guidelines such as well defined heading tags for post titles. Proper nofollow and dofollow links site-wide.

Theme Responsiveness is a new SEO criteria

Majority of people, today, browse the web from their handheld devices such as mobiles, tablets etc. For that matter, a blog theme must be designed in a way that it looks user-friendly on all handheld devices across all resolutions. A template that does all this, is called a responsive template. Major search engines including Google, consider responsiveness as a criteria for good search engine ranking. So, you must select a theme for your blog that is not just well written, but also is responsive and works fine across all devices including mobiles, tablets, laptops etc.


Whenever you buy a blog theme, must check prior to purchase if it works fine across all handheld devices, must check theme responsiveness. You can explore more on search engine optimization from our well document guide to seo that is written for beginners as well as SEO experts to polish their optimization skills and learn latest techniques to rank well in search engines.

I am Zohaib Hassan, a MBA and an I.T. enthusiast. I specialize in social media marketing and brand activation.

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