October 08, 2016

How to use a Featured Image with BlogSpot Articles

One of many differences between BlogSpot and WordPress is that BlogSpot does not officially provide featured-image functionality for articles. WordPress for that matter is quite handy as it officially provides this feature as well as you can customize it using plugins, however, you do not need to feel bad about using Blogger/BlogSpot as you can get this function on BlogSpot too.

All you need to do is, get help from CSS property called display:none; - Simply, upload an image in your article, put it on the top of your post, go to HTML version of your post and add a little code as shown below in class attribute of the div that displays the image inside it.

What is difference between a Post Thumbnail and a Featured Image?

You might have question that what exactly is the difference between a post thumbnail (that your theme might automatically generates for blog homepage) and a featured image. Well, there isn't much difference, but, as you know, post thumbnails are generated using first image in the article, however sometimes you may not want first image of blog post to appear as post thumbnail, in that case featured image functionality would do the job.

It is smart to use a small picture (having size less than 80kb) and an accurate dimension so that it looks more catchy on your blog without reducing loading speed of your blog.

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