10 Free SEO Tools for On-Page and Off-Page Analysis

SEO is important and so is analyzing your SEO efforts. Thanks to developers across the world who have developed some amazing free and paid SEO tools that make it easy in analyzing SEO of a page or even complete website. Free SEO tools give you a general idea of what you have perfectly fine and what you might have missed in terms of optimization your page for search engines. However, paid tools have their own benefits and it depends on what service you have purchased, which differs site to site.

Anyhow, lets start from best free SEO tools that help you in analyzing your website and tells you what you needs to change in order to improve search engine ranking of your website. Following are some of the best free tools to monitor your site's SEO.


It is one of very popular sites that allow you to analyse your website for seo. It tells you if you have used right amount of heading tags, meta keywords, meta description. It further checks if Links have descriptive titles, images have description tags, and it gives your website an overall SEO Score out of 100. Chkme.com
Free SEO Tools


It is another wonderful SEO checker online tool. It generates a basic SEO report for free however provides you paid services as well that further analyze your site in depth.  It's free version is also good enough and gives you a detailed report on passed SEO rules and things you need to improve. It checks broken links, In-Page links, sitemap, URL structure, mobile friendliness, touchscreen readiness, site speed and even more for free. Woorank.com
Free SEO Tools


This is a very neat and clean site that allows you to check SEO score of your website. It gives you general information on your site's SEO, Meta title & description, detects errors in structures of your website, analyzes site's content, checks hyperlinks on page, mentions images without titles or ALT tag and social interactions. All in all, it is yet another useful tool you must try, and it is completely free. seowebpageanalyzer.com
Free SEO Tools


SEORCH analyze various dimensions of SEO including Title Tag, Meta Description, Content, Links, OffPage SEO, Social Signals, Semantic Analysis, Keywords Analysis, Heading and Images, and much more that will help you in making your site more SEO friendly. seorch.eu
Free SEO Tools


It not just tells you everything other free tools tell, but it also gives you information on how to fix seo issues. It beautifully organizes your site's seo report into charts and make it more helpful. Moreover, also allows you to download SEO report into PDF. It has a paid version as well, however free version would also do a fair job. seositecheckup.com
Free SEO Tools


It provides you a very precise and useful SEO report, and tells you what you need to improve straight away. Checks your basic SEO factors and allows you to download full SEO report as PDF. It is one of the tools that give you consistent and accurate information. seoptimer.com
Free SEO Tools


It is free but you need to create an account with them. It gives you a detailed report on SEO and further tells you what you need to improve to better optimize your website for search engines. It's report is well organized and gives you quick information. seoreporters.com
Free SEO Tools


It is a very useful tool for analyzing OnPage SEO. It is free but you need to provide them your email address to generate a free report. It is specially designed to measure On Page SEO score specifically. Give it a try. onpageseotool.com
Free SEO Tools


It is another useful tool for checking On Page SEO. It also needs your email address in order to process a free SEO report for your website. It gives a very brief report on how you can improve your site's on page SEO. seo-analyzer.org
Free SEO Tools

You can learn more on latest tips, tricks and tools for SEO in our guide to search engine optimization that is designed for beginners as well as for SEO experts.

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