What is On-Page SEO and Why it is Important?

On-Page SEO has everything to perform seo-strategies on your website, particularly the single page of your website that you are interested in ranking higher in search engines. While doing On-Page SEO, you do certain practices on that particular page in order to make that page search engine friendly. Some of the most important factors for on page seo include a well written article, relevant images that support your article, proper captions and description of images and links, seo friendly URLs, responsiveness of theme, meta tags and site speed.

So, making it simple, On-Page SEO is bunch of things you do on your own website, specially while you are writing new content like an article etc. What you post is what makes your website worthy of a search result position. Search engines' first and only priority is to show users valuable results related to their search keywords, so make it sure whatever you post is written for users and deliver a significant value to them, and not just written for search engines to rank higher. Valuable content stays at higher ranks for longer time than less-valuable content.

On-Page SEO

You might have one question in your mind that, why I need to do On-Page SEO in such a modern day when search engines are so intelligent and sophisticated? the answer is, it is true that search engines are intelligent, but they still need our help to make them further sophisticated. We all know that the level of competition has increased and we must do something better in order to rank our website on top position, SEO is a way to speak to search engines in a language they can understand, so our websites and blog must talk to search engines in their language and tell them what they are and how they are better in serving a particular purpose on a certain subject.

Hence, SEO is extremely important and one part of it, is On Page SEO. You can learn more on modern SEO in our guide to search engine optimization that is written in such a manner that it serves a purpose to beginners as well as seo experts can also polish their skills and can learn modern SEO techniques.

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